I don't know what the rest of you did today, but I wrote a panto - Cinderella for the staff to perform on christmas eve. Anyone who wants a good laugh email me and I'll send it you. Anyone else do anything interesting?
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I've decided, there is nothing like a swim, in a glorious outdoor pool in bright sunshine after work.

I'm getting in 50 laps a day too, so impressed with myself.

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Quidditch Kiss

HBP Trailer

Okay, I've finally seen and and I guess everyone else has already posted on this. Overall, it looks pretty good but I am livid about one thing. I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that we are not going to get our 'sun lit days' kiss but then to go and give that to Won, Won and Lav Lav. Anyone else feel like thats rubbing salt into our wounds?


Have Thai children never heard of headphones and using them in a internet cafe.

Now that off my chest, off to update the thai_owlet account.
golden gate


Okay the move is on tomorrow.

So I'm not sure when I'll be back on. All things going to plan I get into the apartment on Friday but I'm not sure when I'll be up and running, I expect it to be in a weeks time.


So for the second year running we win the Sheffield derby at Hillsborough, just going to show that the blunts can sue anyone they want to get stupid amounts of money but we are still they only team in Sheffield.

Player ratings:


Granty did everything asked of him today, couple of decent saves and catchers, but never really threatened to earn much more than that. Still a clean sheet is a derby is not too shabby at all.


It hard to believe that Tommy was on crutches just a few weeks ago. The guy won everything in the defence and had some great runs forward, he's growing into a hell of a full back.


Brilliant, won everything, was composed on the ball and showing age at experience as the oldest in the defence (at the tender age of 23 too). Oh and how good is it for a Wednesdayite to captain the team in this kind of occasion.


This boy is going to play in the Premiership very soon (hope its with us) and for England. At 18 he has everything that a defender needs and kept that 4 million pound former England international in his pocket from start to finish.


The Boro boy is Premiership class, 'nough said really. Thank you for the loan Gareth.


It was not a great performance from JJ, despite some nice moves and a couple of good turn, he made too many mistakes and the way he acted at the end was disgraceful!


My MOM, used his experience well. Broke up all their attacks in midfield and supported the front play when he could, capped with a superb goal. And from his reaction at the end knew just what it meant to all of us.


I was not sure what to make of JOC when we signed him, but the guy is a pest (of the best kind). He doesn't give anyone a second on the ball and puts in some nice passers too.


Very similar to JOC. What this Wednesdayite lacks in talent, he makes up in energy and commitment.


Battled so well upfront and then on the wings. The boy is in great form at the moment and needs to be with Sodje and Jeffers both fit now.


Some great hold up ball, but with the missed pen, poor finishing and constant offsides, I think his days maybe numbered.

    AKPO SODJE (sub for JJ) - 7

Its so good to see him back, he scares defences shitless with his raw power and pace. He clearly needs more games to build up his fitness but the hunger and touches were back.

 ETIENNE ESAJAS (sub for JOC) - 6

A danger as alway, he was not part of the Ajax youth set up for nothing but had very little time to make any impact.

   FRANCIS JEFFERS (sub for Burton) - 7

Limited time, but he is clearly a class apart at this level. Superb dipping volley that just went wide at the end. Him and Apko to together is mouth-watering.


   BRIAN LAWs - 10

Know how much this game means to us and can motivate the players so well, and got the tactics spot on. Well done Lawsy!


Well judge for yourself. Need I say more.

It really was the perfect send off. 
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